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24cm x 26cm x 30cm
Black rubber with rusted metal handle

Made from recycled tractor tyres in south-east Asia these rubber buckets are an attractive alternative to a traditional flower conditioning bucket. Home-grown, shop bought or foraged flowers all need a good long drink in order to perform at their best in arrangements and hand-tied bouquets. Cut the stems of your blooms by a few centimetres and immerse them up to their necks in clean fresh water with a drop of bleach. Leave in a cool dark space for up to 24 hours. By doing this you are exposing new cells in the stem walls that will take up the water and the bleach will kill off any germs thus prolonging the vase life of your flowers. There is no reason why home-grown blooms should not last as long as shop-bought ones if you follow these simple instructions and keep your bucket scrupulously clean.